Wednesday, April 11, 2012


asks us to use the words in blue


I wish to locate serenity, that state of utter bliss;
That peace of mind I long for and which I always miss.
I once tried meditating, but the butterflies in my mind
Flitted around unfettered, completely unconfined.
The more I searched for serenity, the more it slipped away;
The glimpse I'd catch was fleeting; serenity would not stay.
So I think it needs more planning..... my search should be organised;
I should draft a plan for it, with all things itemised.
Now where is a sheet of paper? I'll need a pencil too;
So that I can jot them down, the things I ought to do.
I've rummaged around for equipment; now to find a good chair;
Where's a good one to relax in? Ah! That one over there!
I must have light from a window, but not bright blazing sun;
Now I'm feeling comfortable. My list can be begun.
Damn! I've forgotten my glasses! Where did I put them down?
Hell! It was at the Library, on the other side of town!
By now I'm feeling anxious; my hackles have begun to rise.
Planning a future that's serene is hard to organise!
I think I'll opt for chaos and an over-active brain.
Serenity's hard to come by.
I won't even try again.

(A poem for Children)

Dilly Duck was excited
For she'd been invited
To a Fancy Dress Party that night.
'It's a slap-up affair
And I've nothing to wear!
I'll look such a terrible fright!'
Then there came into view
A ribbon of blue
Left-over from Easter last year.
It looked quite a mess
But, nevertheless,
The sight filled her full of good cheer.
She washed it and rubbed it,
And soaked it and scrubbed it,
And hung it outside on the line.
Then she ironed it neatly,
And changed it completely
Until it was perfectly fine.
Then she wound it around her
Till it covered and bound her.
Then Dilly the Duck said  'Oh my!
They'll all be impressed
When they see how I'm dressed!
And they'll shout 'Dilly's come as the


christopher said...

I do like them both. I am sad you have a bad case of monkey mind. In Zen they whack you with bamboo for that...

rallentanda said...

LOL over active brain accompanied by an over active imagination will give you no serenity but will keep you doing the mental Mexican Jumping Bean dance.Enjoyed your poem.

Sheilagh Lee said...

I love both of these.

Ellecee said...

I enjoyed both of these so much. The first is my favorite though, reminds me of myself :-)

Di Eats the Elephant said...

Lovely. Absolutely loved them both. Very vivid images in both of them. I loved how Dilly the Duck redid it until it was perfectly right. Fits along with the frustration of finding the perfect sunny spot, the right pen, the comfortable chair, the glasses, so you can get your planning done just so. Sounds like Dilly actually succeeded, tho. Your Plan B rocks, tho!

Unknown said...

You've well described the futility of planning, searching out for, seeking serenity. Letting go is the only way to let it in, it seems.