Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rare Bird

calls for a VERY short story


 I'm impressed!
Forget the rest!
The way you look!
That unusual hook!
Heaven's above!
I'm in love!
Let's get hitched!
The rest are ditched.
(140 characters)


Soon it will be ANZAC Day when Australia remembers
The men who've died in Wars across the years.
We're serious at Dawn Services, singing hymns as daylight breaks,
And then old men trade memories over beers.
This was a young life-saver from Bar Beach, a local surf-club;
He was killed in action in the 14-18 War.
A speaker delved into his life at one of our club meetings,
And I sighed and thought 'Whatever was it for?'
He was described in detail as charming and good-looking,
Six foot four and with a healthy tan,
Good at saving lives whenever raging surf demanded;
All in all a young god of a man.
And was the world changed one whit by his so-untimely passing?
I think not, so his death was just a waste.
Young men are dying as I write, in more such useless battles.
When, oh when, will carnage be replaced?


Whispering Thoughts said...

I love the rare bird rhyme. It is so wonderfully written.

Don said...

I enjoyed your musings: both the Rare Bird and The Waste. They both provoke thought about what matters in life: courtship, marriage, death, war. Poets see things. And poets ponder. And sometimes... they sigh.

Kat said...

And I think poets send a message too... to the world. If only people LISTEN..!!!! :-)

Jim said...

Hi Rinkly, well done on the Rare Birds. In a nutshell, "I have hooks for you only!"

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

You know I'm always in for a good love story, even when it is featuring ducks! LOL

Your second offering today is very serious. Yes, yes...too much loss. *sigh*