Monday, April 9, 2012


asks us to consider organisation

(An Acrostic)

Oh to be neat and tidy, as Granny used to be!
Row upon row of this and that laid-out perfectly.
Give me a pile of artefacts needing to be stowed
And I will shove them anyhow; I simply can't be blowed!
Neatness is desirable ; everything in its place.
I nurture a faint urge for it, but drawers are a disgrace.
Slapdash could describe me; I lose things all the time.
Even so, disorganisation can't be counted as a crime.
(Can it?)


I do my laundry when I must,
Along with the chore of dusting dust!
I do not long with anticipation
For any domestic situation!
I was born to just sit back
And leave to others the dirt-attack.
All my life I have despised it,
Yet no-one else has realised it!
I think laundry-work's unhealthy;
I'm coming back as someone wealthy
Who finds all laundry-work a bore
And drops her undies on the floor
To be picked-up by a lady's-maid,
After all the beds are made.
I want fresh linen every day
Appearing in a mysterious way
In drawers delicately scented,
When all the washing's circumvented.
I want to slide between clean sheets
(Surely one of life's great treats).
But I emphatically decline
To enjoy hanging sheets out on the line.
Princess Margaret, I've heard said,
Liked clean sheets put on her bed,
Even for a daytime nap!
Give that sensible girl a clap!
I do my laundry when I must
But it makes me feel that life's unjust.

Our friend, Les, who is very happy to be called an eccentric (proud of it, in fact) has just bought himself a red tricycle! He decided his normal cycling days were over but he couldn't quite give-up. As Australians say 'Good on yer!'

A mid-road chat! Not the best idea!
Off he goes.


Pat said...

That looks like such fun! If I lived where the roads are level, I'd get myself one of those big-kids' tricycles! We live in the mountains where there are mainly steep roads.

Pat said...

I'm with you on housework. I only clean my house when we're expecting company. I'm so not into it.

Don said...

I enjoyed both poems. I'm a fan of FLY Lady... who has conquered many of the housework blues with a collection of routines. (Granny would like her.) So don't visit this site: ;-)