Friday, April 6, 2012

The Lunar Tic

                                                                        Kathy Matthews
supplied the 'cover'

Would this blurb encourage you to buy this book?

Crediton Humphreys

His first novel!
But certainly not his last.
Rarely has such a talent
Shone in our firmament.
The Man in the Moon,
Of our childhood,
Suddenly disappears!
In other words,
The face of the moon 
Is wiped clean.
The moon still shines,
But like smooth, polished silver.
Who is responsible for this desecration?
Which Great Power
Has used a secret invention
To scour the face of the moon
And to what purpose?
A great story of international intrigue.
Scientist is ranged against Scientist.
'Someone' is harnessing the moon's light
As a source of power!
While other nations are going solar,
'Someone' has buffed the moon
And beamed the light 
Into his own territory!
An international War breaks out!
Who will foil the plan?
Who will reach the moon 
In time to save the world?
Every good novel
Has a love-interest.
What will happen when
Ernestine and Conrad
Find themselves on opposite sides?
Will they ever kiss in the moonlight again?
Political intrigue.
Scientific information.
And a sensitive love-story.
Who can ask for more?
The Society for Naming Lunar Features: We are very concerned that this novel makes a mockery of our life's-work.....naming  'bits' on the moon. You have made a laughing-stock of us, Sir, and you will be hearing from our solicitor! The Chairman.



When the one who's holding you closer
Isn't the one who holds your heart
Then you've always got to be careful.....
Infidelity's an art.
You've got to get your timing right,
You've got to learn to lie,
You've got to look quite innocent
When one looks you in the eye.
Two-timing can be lots of fun,
If your stamina permits;
It gives rise to variety
And other benefits.
But if the one who's holding you closer
Is also holding the cash,
Too precipitous a move
Can also be quite rash.
So be very, very careful,
Before you play with fire.
One little slip and, oh dear me,
The result could be quite dire!


Good Friday turned-out to be a very avian day! ( I hope that means 'birdy'!) It started with a back-yard domestic drama, which I witnessed from start to finish. As I stepped out of the back door I startled a young bird lying among the bushes. It fluttered and squawked but it was too weak to fly. Its mother flew to the top of the fence to encourage it to reach her, but it was so weak that it kept falling back. Then with a superhuman effort (except that it was super-bird) the tiny thing clawed its way up the fence, which must have seemed like climbing Everest! It climbed and slipped, climbed and slipped, with Mother urging it on, until it finally reached the top, where Mother immediately popped a titbit in its beak as a reward. It sat, motionless, on the top of the fence for ages, as Mum and Dad fed it, but it must have got its strength back because there's no sign of it now. I was quite exhausted by the drama!

The little bird triumphant after climbing Everest!

Then we spent the afternoon surrounded by birds. We usually take our lunch to the beach but it was such a glorious day that we knew the beach would be crowded, so, instead, we went to Blackbutt Reserve.
A kookaburra eyed our food.
A black swan showed-off.
A duck dried its feathers.
And a funny old bird ate sandwiches.


Margaret Gosden said...

A wonderful bird story, Brenda, and also the one of the black swan. In fact, they are all good photos - do shoot more than you do! Your hat style is very popular over here. My day is just beginning and the day looks like it is going to be another glorious one, though it still can come with a chilly wind. On Saturday there will be a 'brain storming' gardening committee meeting on the roof top - that should be fun! Have a Happy Easter!

Sandra Davies said...

Ha! - I never thought about the wiped-clean face, obvious now you've pointed it out.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

I enjoyed not only your story but your whole post very much. Good for that little bird.

Your book blurb is great, and I think that would make a fascinating story!

Kathy M.

Grandma`s Goulash said...

A perfect title and a thought provoking premise. Cleverly done!

Also enjoyed the photos of your "birdy" day.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

The funny old bird looks like a very young-at-heart lady to me! Your book blurbs always shine, moon or no, and I so look forward to those "quotes" at the end!