Monday, April 23, 2012

Long Distance Runner

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When we walk into the stadium there isn't the slightest hint
Of whether we're running a Marathon or whether it's a sprint.
We line up at the starting-blocks, keen to get away,
But how to organise our to plan our 'day'?
One foot in front of the other.... that's all that occupies us;
And when we find it's a Marathon that really does surprise us.
Would we have planned things differently had we known life would be long?
Would we have paced ourselves sparingly; was our strategy quite wrong?
We acted as though life were a sprint, eager to cover ground,
Always after 'tomorrow' with each thoughtless, eager bound.
We  should have conserved our energy for the long, sometimes lonely way,
When the last few miles would exhaust us, and our hair was growing grey.
The Finishing Tape was ahead of us but we never knew just where,
We only knew we were sprinting as though eager to get there!
When we walk into the stadium there isn't the slightest hint
Of whether we're running a Marathon or whether it's a sprint.


'Dapper' and 'natty',
So top-hatty!
Words from the past
That didn't last.
'Spiffy', as well
Along with 'swell',
Slicked-back hair
With Brylcream care,
Neat bow-tie
And 'roving eye'!
Cigarette holder
Allowed to smoulder.
A different breed?
Yes, indeed!
Altered ways.
Not Errol Flynn
But a stubbly chin.
Young men choose
Huge tattoos!
Who'd have drempt
Of hair unkempt!
And nasal rings!
Such nasty things!
Nothing matters!
Shirts in tatters!
The rule, no doubt,
'Let it all hang out!'
That word 'dapper'
Doesn't suit a Rapper!


Maude Lynn said...

I adore your Sunday Scribbling. So true!

M. A. S. said...

I really like the rhyme at the last stanza. Very nice. The idea you write about really nicely mirrors a song that I included with my attempt at today's prompt.

Jae Rose said...

One step at a time is the only way..whether a tap step or a rap step..Jae

Berowne said...

Life as a track meet - love it...

Lucy said...

rinky.... great poems... the first.. oh boy... did that hit me... lately i feel like I am running so fast my life is truly flying by! Good reminder that we all should slow down and enjoy this run.
the second... so cute... I just watched a utube of fred Astaire..puttin on the ritz and just HOW dapper he was just about took my breath away! a rarity today for sure!
hope you're doing well Rinky rimes! happy sunday!

Andy Sewina said...

Love the way the dapper rapper rhymes!

Wilson Kipsong is the Kenyan runner who won todays London Marathon!