Saturday, April 7, 2012

From Me

asks for deep and meaningful Easter-card doggerel

The sun has riz, get out your sunnies
And gambol with the Easter Bunnies!
All you creatures with two legs
Get hunting for those Easter Eggs!
All the mostest and the leaster
Celebrate this jolly Easter.
I send you this, dear Mum and Dad'
To wish you the best you've ever had!
A display at the Sydney Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition.


The curve of the sphere captured.
The waves darkened, becoming more dense.
Silver transfiguration in a sheet of glass.


Dreaming said...

Love your playful Centus; picture and words!

Lynn said...

This is fun! Happy Easter to you too-enjoy:@)

Laura S Reading said...

Happy Easter!
I love your card.

Bookie said...

Cute one...Happy Easter to you!

Nonna said...

That was enjoyable and so clever ! Happy Easter !!!

anitamombanita said...

Cute cute. Hope you have a happy Easter!

Ames said...

I'll give you an A+ for the poem and uh er a B- for the artwork...that's if you really drew it. Iffin it's yer kid or some relative well uh then I give you a A. :D
Happy Easter friend!~Ames

Don said...

Well done. The Easter one is priceless. I find myself often crafting a humorous response to a prompt. In fact, I sometimes say "All the world's a prompt, waiting for my next quip." In your case, a quip in verse. Again: well done.

And then you wax lovely in your response to the second photo: so hard to capture a scene, but fun to attempt to caption it.

Anonymous said...

Very cute.

Judie said...

Sweet card, RR! The second, with the photo of the sea, is just too perfect.

Jenny said...

I am still giggling over the 'riz' part! My Grandmother actually used to say, 'the sun is riz and you should, too!'

Thanks for the smile and the fun memory.