Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day Trip

supplied the illustration and asked for a VERY short story


We escaped from the museum;
We're on our way
To have a day trip to the Bay.
Dino and Dinah, off on a spree.
We must be home in time for tea.
(140 characters)


It's a sure sign of the passing years......the loss of memory!
Those Easter Eggs! Those Easter Eggs! Wherever can they be?
My grandsons are demanding that I find them straight away!
I hid them oh so carefully awaiting Easter Day!
Did I put them in the kitchen, up on the highest shelf?
Did I succumb to temptation and eat the lot myself?
All right, Marvin! I'm thinking! Don't be such a brat!
Be a little patient! You're already far too fat!
Yes, Eric! I know I promised. But that was months ago!
No! I'm not sitting on them! I wouldn't stoop so low!
It's no good sulking, Henry, and slouching on the ground!
Go up into the bedroom and take a look around!
Discipline! That's what's needed! Make sure you tell your Mum
That I'm tired of being badgered every time you come!
But those Easter Eggs! Those Easter Eggs! Wherever can they be?
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Is this senility!


Pat said...

I'm glad Dino and Dinah had a fun escape from the museum and are still planning to be home in time for tea! I like light-hearted dinosaurs.

"Forgetfulness" hits oh-so-close to home. All my husband and I can do is laugh about it. It seems I "lose" things every day nowadays.

Grandma`s Goulash said...

A fine cure for dino cabin fever!

Kay L. Davies said...

Love Dino and Dinah.
As for forgetfulness, I distinctly remember putting the dog treats in a safe place the other day. Now I can't find them anywhere. I hope the dog didn't find them unbeknownst to me.
(Hardly anybody in Canada says "unbeknownst" any more.)