Monday, April 30, 2012

Common Sense Car



The roads today are chockablock
With vehicles, wall-to-wall.
Some are huge, some merely large
But few of them are small.
This wee Blue Beauty seems to me
To point the way ahead.
Most of us drive from A to B,
Rarely from A to Z.*
'If I ruled the world' (I wish I did!)
All cars would carry two!
Great big cars with one driver!
I say it will not do.
If we doubled the number of passengers,
Car numbers would be reduced.
Our roads would be dreams to drive on,
Unlike the ones to which we're used.
Then halve the size of the vehicles 
(See illustration above)......
The glorious space thus realised
Is what I'm thinking of.
Admittedly there are people
Who need to take up space,
Who need to drive long distances,
And, if that is the case,
Licences could be issued
To those needing dispensation. 
All others should be heavily fined
If they break my regulation.
Think of it! Half the traffic jams,
And freed-up parking spaces!
Think of the quality of the air!
Think of the smiling faces!
I am constantly amazed
That I've not been elected
To be the first Ruler of the Earth!
(Skulduggery is suspected.)
(Pronounced 'zed' by all reasonable human-beings!)


Beetroot! Beetroot! Thou art divine!
There is no better taste than thine!
Thy colour is so rich and rare;
A royal colour, I declare!
Thou liest rotund on my plate.
I cannot wait! I cannot wait!
Ah yes, but where's that hunk of cheese
To drive me into ecstasies?
They speak of truffles with bated breath!
The taste would bore me half to death!
But Beetroot, yes! Thou art divine!
There is no better taste than thine!


Lois Evensen said...

The car reminds me of Mr. Bean and his adventures. ;)

SmilingSally said...

Oh, first Ruler of the Earth, how privileged I am that you link into Blue Monday with your thoughts!

Happy Blue Monday, Brenda.

Pie said...

What a cute car!

My Blue Monday.

Annesphamily said...

Great blue and sweet car! Have a terrific week and I have enjoyed stopping by.

Jessica Cassidy said...

beautiful and tiny BLUE car :-) love the design too :-) Dropping by from last weeks BM