Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Blue Beyond



Beyond the window lies the lake,
All ruffled by the breeze,
But beauty's taking second place
For diners, such as these.
The menu comes, they cogitate,
And everybody talks,
Of burgers, steaks and sandwiches,
And even knives and forks!
To see them so engrossed with food
Is pitiful enough,
But more so for a girl like me
Who's made of finer stuff.
My mind is on the blue beyond,
Stretching across the way.
I'm thinking 'poetry' and 'song'
While they have feet of clay.
But the rumblings of my 'inner man'
I simply can't escape......
'Pass me the menu, someone, please;
I think I'll have a crepe!'


If I take a ball of plasticine and knead it with my hand
It can take on a different shape, a new one I have planned.
And if I'm disenchanted with the shape I've now produced,
I can try repeatedly, till a new form's introduced.
To Nature, Earth is plasticine, reformable and plastic;
Experiments from eras past seem incredibly fantastic.
Try an Ice-Age form, then melt the snows, allowing something green;
Cleanse the earth of dinosaurs; let some other shape be seen.
And is the Earth a boring shape? Allow it to crack and crease.
Knead it, knead it, more and more. The changes never cease.
As for the little midgets, that think they are so grand,
They are less than nothing when they're held in Nature's hand.
And should they  slip between the cracks and get buried in the mass
There will be no-one to notice it and utter a last 'Alas!'


Margaret Gosden said...

Great black and white photo shots, both ,,this and the previous ones. I like the glitter that touches water, glasses, etc. and the black parts that are really black, providing wonderful contrasts!

My name is Riet said...

What a great post. Happy Thursday