Monday, April 30, 2012


chose the illustration!


'The door's ajar!' she snapped at me!
In her normal hectoring tones.
Her voice was like a discord
Seeping right into my bones!
'Oh is it!' I quipped back at her,
'It looks like a door to me!'
'I suppose you think that's funny!'
She shouted 'Well, tee-hee!'
Of course I closed the errant door
For I always do her bidding,
But I'd reached the end of my tether
And I knew I wasn't kidding.
There, on the table stood a jar
And I began to muse
On where I'd really like to be;
The way of life I'd choose.
I'd like to soak in hot water
With a good crime book to read,
With glass walls all around me!
That's all that I would need.
The vision that I conjured up
Was so, well, darned seductive,
That my present life seemed untenable
And completely unproductive.
'This is a jar!' I shouted out!
'And I am sitting in it!'
A life of freedom lay ahead! 
And I was about to begin it!

Which word would he prefer?


'The robin is the harbinger of Spring!'
Great sentiment!
Great visual picture!
Awful word!
Use 'harbinger' for 
The looming threat,
The fear of the future,
The symbol striking terror to the soul.
But for Spring? No!
'The robin is herald of the Spring'.
'The robin is the forerunner of the Spring'
'The robin sets the stage for Spring.'
Harbinger is a hard word,
A strong word,
A black word.
Maybe my choices are crass and obvious,
But at least they are
Like Spring itself.


Kathe W. said...

fabuloso both of them!

De Jackson said...

Ha! What fun! Thanks so much for the smile.

rel said...

Hidden in plain sight; "'tis a consumation devoutly to be wished."

Berowne said...

"Jarring," but in an enjoyable way. Thanks.

Little Nell said...

Nice play on words and very funny.

Silent Otto said...

Your words hit me like a sledge hammer, we say a door is "ajar" , hmmm, doors are containers of some sort, thanks for showing me this quantum worm hole to explore.

izzy said...

Unproductive once in a while-as long as you are left with the strength to climb back out of the jar- thanks.

Helen said...

What a bold statement ~ I'm with sitting in the jar with a good book too!

Unknown said...

I love the playfulness you were able to write into the first poem, it makes it dance.

I also love Robins and I appreciate that you would take a stand for them. Way to go!!

Thank you for sharing these. =D

Helena said...

The old ones make the best poems!

Tess Kincaid said...

The door's ajar...giggle...