Thursday, April 26, 2012

After the Effort

'bloody, kinky, tender'


After the effort the baby appears,
Looking  all squashed and covered in smears.
Its face is wrinkled, its expression sour;
Parts are covered in a wet white flour.
Its hair is kinky with dubious glue;
Its face is bloody, its lips are blue.
The word 'attractive' doesn't spring to mind.
It would be easy to be unkind
And say 'Oh dear! The poor little thing!
What an object for the stork to bring!'
But the Mother looks with a tender gaze
And the Mother's words are full of praise.....
Casting her eyes in the child's direction,
'Oh!' she sighs, 'Isn't that perfection!'


Adam Man with all his wit
Took a thousand years (and a little bit)
To create a skyscraper of size
Capable of scraping skies.
Adam Ant, a lowly creature,
Created, easily, this feature,
Using instinct for a guide
Then busily anted-away inside!
He didn't have to contemplate
Before he started to fabricate!
I find this very odd disparity
A very strange peculiarity!
Big-brained Adam Man out-done
By an insect, a little one!
Maybe we are not as wise
As something a millionth of our size!


rallentanda said...

My kids didn't look like that. They come out looking magnificent,
singing in perfect pitch:)

Larry said...

no kids, but the ant was bringing back memories of Africa...

Sheilagh Lee said...

so true mother always sees beautiful

funny how ants are such wonderful architects without the math and plans

Hannah said...

I love how you've captured that first moment!! Such truth!!

Di Eats the Elephant said...

So true, at least others babies were so wrinkly and weird looking. Mine were like yours: utter perfection :)