Friday, June 4, 2010




Once I needed training wheels,
But now I know just how it feels.
Whizzing round and round the track,
Whizzing there and coming back.
This shot was taken months ago
When I was rather young and slow.
Now you should see me riding past,
All grown-up and very fast!
Soon I'll ride way out of sight
Maybe at the speed of light!
Bye-bye Grandma! I can't stay!
Boys move on.
Grandmas just stay.

THE PESSIMISTIC OPTIMIST.I wake up every morning with a dreadful sense of gloom
And I view the day as someone who is heading for the tomb!
Today, I'll surely break a leg or have a heart attack!
I'm certain, when I make the beds, I'll hurt my lower back!
Those stairs! They do look tricky! And I'm bound to take a fall!
Or I'll meet a home-invader! Yes, one's bound to make a call!
If I make a cup of coffee I'll be scalded, that's for sure!
And today's the day I'll trip up on that well-worn bit of floor.
A bus! One's bound to hit me, if I cross the city street!
And a mugger's sure to get me; it's a cinch that we will meet!
That tree-branch looks unsteady! Will it topple on my head?
Who knows, this time tomorrow I may be, untimely, dead!
My imagination pictures every peril known to man,
The world is full of obstacles and I'm an also-ran.
Life is full of trip-wires bound to trip up the unwary.
Let's face it! Life is very, very, very, very, scary!
But a pessimistic optimist (or should that be reversed?)
Who has struggled through each fearful day, escaping from the worst,
Earns a reward at bedtime.Then I snuggle in my bed,
Rejoicing that I've not been maimed! I'm not the least bit dead!
Then my spirit soars ecstatically to think I have survived!
That I've traveled through the mine-field and in one piece I've arrived.
I've looked Death in the eye and Death has cowered at my gaze.
I feel that 'Blessed of the Gods' is not an idle phrase.
I purr with my complacency, and my self-satisfaction.
Suddenly the coming day becomes the main attraction.
I pull the covers round me and I'm smiling as I say.
'I can't wait for tomorrow! Another lovely day!'

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