Wednesday, June 30, 2010



We believe in self-expression; we don't like to toe the line.
We think that 'letting it all hang out' is absolutely fine.
Auntie Prue likes orange; that's her room on the right.
I'm in the pink room opposite; orange is terribly bright.
Grandad wanted a porthole; he used to sail the seas.
While Bob demanded a balcony, so he could feel the breeze.
See the blue square on the left; that's Binky's room up there;
She is rather conservative and we call her a 'square'.
You'll see some greys and blacks and browns; they belong to various Aunts.
(Aunt Muriel's balcony could be improved by a few bright flowering plants!)
I agree, the fence is wobbly, but that shows our attitude.
Different sizes, different shapes. Some may call it crude.
They're demolishing us tomorrow! The City Fathers say
That we live in an eye-sore and we have had our day!
But, for one brief shining moment, we lived all bright and free.
We showed what a house can look like when the inmates can't agree!


A kookaburra likes to laugh
At everything he sees,
But, mostly, at the kangaroo,
For he has such funny knees!
His front legs are just hanging there
You'd almost say that they were spare,
And yet he doesn't turn a hair
At comments such as these.

His back legs are grotesquely long,
Like two legs joined in one!
They're made of muscle, very strong
For bounding in the sun.
And he enjoys a favourite trick,
Giving an enemy a kick,
Not a good enemy to pick!
A fight would not be fun.

So kookaburra laughs all day
As kookaburras do.
He makes rude comments in this way
And most of them are true.
But he only mocks from on a fence.
A kookaburra isn't dense.
He knows it makes a lot of sense
To laugh...... then fly away!


Ricepatty said...

Oh too bad about the fun shaped colorful house - what a shame that "they" can't find the joy in it that others do.

msdewberry said...

I think those houses are unique and full of character. Too bad they have to come down. They are colourful and cool to see!!

Monica said...

What a shame to let something with character be torn down. I was thinking how cool and they made me smile to see the unusualness of the building. Thanks for sharing!