Thursday, June 17, 2010

Love in the Meadow

                                                                                 Richard Lubbell


Suggested words:
Meadow. Trace. Erase.


Last summer, in the meadow, we lay beneath a tree
Softly speaking, saying words of love.
And all of Nature seemed to share in our felicity
And understand what we were dreaming of.
Our love would last forever, yes, that was what we said;
We were such perfect partners, you and I.
So we lay and planned our future, looking many years ahead,
As hour by hour the blissful time went by.
We kissed, we hugged, we even slept, the sun began to set;
I rose then to return to daily life,
Still in my magic bubble, one I would not forget.
I walked home knowing I would be your wife. 
But, before we left, I looked down at the shape we two had made
In the meadow grass beneath the summer tree,
There was the perfect outline of the place where we had laid,
The flattened shape of Romance, you and me.
Later on you phoned ...... ' I didn't mean the words I said!
'I'm just not ready! It was a mistake!'
The next day, on the grapevine, I learned that you had fled!
Leaving my heart as one great burning ache.
I went back to the meadow; I went back to the tree;
I gazed down at the grasses, standing tall.
Not a sign of passion and no trace of you and me!
Who could have guessed that driving rain would fall!
Summer rain! Erase the picture! Summer tears!  Erase the pain!
Summer dreams be seen as merely Summer dross!
Goodbye to the meadow where I'll never walk again!
The line is fine dividing Love and Loss.

Imagine this stretch of water (it's the local children's pool),
With the water round your ankles, lisping sweet and cool.
With the little hexagons of light dancing away in the sun,
And your toes shimmering under the surface, wriggling every one.
Imagine the sand on the bottom, all squidgy as you stand.
Imagine the icing on the're holding my grandson's hand!
Ah, now you've got it! Happiness! I knew you'd get the feeling.
A stretch of the imagination and very very appealing!



Leslie D. said...

What a lovely poem! Sad and poignant and beautiful. Like life.

Carina said...

A tragic image of mistaken love.

Angel said...

Beautiful saddness in this poem.

Tumblewords: said...

Oh, indeed, a fine line dividing love and loss. An evocative and touching poem.

one more believer said...

such is the beauty of life... the intensity as well as the simple... both are stellar reads... blue sky

Dina Spice said...

Wow! You surprised me with the phone call, thought I had your poem pegged, and was all wrapped up in the romance. You did a great job switching gears!
- Dina

Anya Padyam said...

so poignant!!

Nice take on the prompt

Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

beautiful sadness in this. Well done.