Thursday, June 17, 2010

Playful Purple




Purple's not a colour I'd ever think to wear!
For I am rather mousy, my skin, my eyes, my hair.
Purple's meant for rich brunettes with lustrous eyes that glow,
Or brilliant blondes who sparkle and make a dazzling show.
But the outfits that we wear for Choir are meant to be assorted
And I saw this jumper at the store and went right in and bought it.
'Too many blues' our leader said, 'Too many pinks and yellows'
And purple seemed to fit the bill, contrasting with my fellows.
When I say 'store' I exaggerate! I bought it second-hand!
(Those of you who budget will certainly understand!)
So here we're dancing 'The Lambeth Walk', and giving a little twirl.
Barbara is my partner; one's boy and one is girl!
And I rather like the colour! I've become a 'purple' fan!
I wasted an awful lot of years instituting my own ban!
Brunettes may look luscious, and blondes may well astound,
But little old ladies can benefit from purple, I have found!


Ruby Smith was eighty-five but spritely for all that,
And, Marlene, her daughter, found her trying-on a brand new hat.
'Where are you off to, Mother?' Marlene then enquired
For Mother had been gadding ever since she had retired!
'I've got a date!' Mother giggled, 'With our next-door neighbour, Hugh!'
And Marlene remonstrated 'Mother! He's ninety-two!'
'He's good for his age' said Ruby 'At least, I hope he is!
Let's hope his glass of vintage wine hasn't lost all its fizz!'
'Oh, Mother! You are awful!' Marlene looked askance.
This Mother of hers for years and years had led her a merry dance!
'Are you going out for afternoon tea?' Marlene wanted to know.
'Not on your life!' said Ruby. 'We'll have dinner and see a show!'
'Well, I'll be waiting-up for you' said her daughter, 'You wont be late.
After all nothing much will happen on a geriatric date!'
At three a.m. poor Marlene was still playing the waiting game,
When Mother burst in, crying! She was sobbing as she came!
'Have you had a really awful time?' Marlene was quick to say;
'Well, don't get upset about it; there's always another day.'
Ruby said 'It was awful! My evening was a disgrace!
Three times! Three times, my darling, I had to slap his face!'
'Don't tell me he got fresh with you! I can't believe it's true!
Not with you at eighty-five and him at ninety-two!'
'It was really quite embarrassing' finally Ruby said.
'I had to slap his face because I thought that he was dead!'



Misty DawnS said...

Love it! Purple is my favorite color, so I think it's gorgeous!

Rosaria Williams said...

Two, two colorful and enchanting posts on the same page! The last one is still prickling me.

Jama said...

Purple is one of my favorite color, and I believe I have several tops in that color, love them.

Anonymous said...

I think it looks fabulous on you! Wear MORE purple!

Katya said...

Well, purple does look becoming on you! Love the verse that goes with the photo!!!

Mariposa said...

Great take on the theme!
Have a great weekend.

Mariposa's PH!

Alice Audrey said...

You look great in purple.

Kim, USA said...

Love the first photo!

Purple blossom

bonggamom said...

You are one cool "old" lady (I say "old" because your spirit is alive and young!). Love your photo, love your verse, love your attitude. Lots of love coming from me today... :)

My purple post is up

Noel Morata said...


looks like you covered the purple challenge for today, nice capture and story

my take was an intimate capture

Andree said...

I love this post so totally!!! Blessings for you!