Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sneak Peek!



I didn't know him at all! I had my eye on the view!
A quick shot through the window and he got into it too!
I don't go round admiring young men! That would never be my style!
This shot of a rather gorgeous hunk was taken without guile!
Keep your eyes on My World, the buildings and the sky.
Ladies! I am really shocked if the gentleman takes your eye!
I wonder if he's a Blogger! A Photographer or Poet!
I wonder if he'll get hopping mad and quickly let me know it!
I wonder if he'll get a call from a friend saying 'Hi there, Jack!
Did you see an old girl eyeing you when you were having a snack?'
But enough of him! He's peripheral! Just an image, nothing more.
I'm concerned with the Sydney scene....... sometimes old age is a bore!


Claude Monet, eat your heart out! I've found lilies of my own!
Alright! I know this snapshot is nothing like a clone!
It lacks a certain something; I think it's called a soul!
But I didn't have to dab and brush and go through that rigmarole!
I simply clicked a button, and there was my work of art!
And if you squint your eyes a bit you can't tell us apart!
Also I offer a bonus! A reflection of a tree!
We're certainly artistic! Claude Monet and me!



Rosaria Williams said...

Good Eye!

Sylvia K said...

Ah, you have me laughing today, Brenda! What a great and funny post! I love it! Great serving of Eye Candy! Hope you have a great week!


xinex said...

I have my eye on the view too. It's breathtaking!...Christine

LadyFi said...

Delightful! Gorgeous view - and I love the pond with lilies and tree reflection...

Jo said...

Brenda;) what an excellent shot. I love your poems and pop in regularly to get my "fix" even though I don't always comment. I'm busy with a writing project of my own which has taken me eight weeks of hard slogging which I hope will pay dividends. I often think of your excellent command of the English language when I'm struggling to make a sentence make sense! Have a wonderful day and know that your posts cheer me up no end! Jo

Alan Burnett said...

Love them both Brenda, but especially the Monet one

Caroline Gill said...

Brenda, I loved this - and laughed out loud so much! We have some of Monet's Waterlilies in our National Museum in Cardiff...

Thank you for visiting my blog, over here in Dylan Thomas country!

Anonymous said...

hey, that's my cousin, Peter! Only kidding - great city view though.

Unknown said...

excellent work as always.

ksdoolittle said...

You are so darned clever!

soulbrush said...

love this post today. i am jealous! also read your profile and saw your connections with zimbabwe (rhodesia in those days) and cape town. i was born in south africa and lived there for 38 years, been in the uk for 24 and i still miss africa!