Friday, June 25, 2010

A Zen Garden


Seeking relaxation? Then you
Need to find the perfect venue.
You will find the Japanese
Have the needed expertese.
Brushed sand evokes a peaceful mood
Where no bitter thoughts intrude.
Think of a garden; think of Zen
Far away from the noise of men.
Choose an area shaded, flat
Rather like an enormous mat;
Choose the very finest sand,
(Tell the merchant what is planned.)
Then take brushes, long and short
(Special brushes can be bought.)
Now to use imagination
Sweep and swirl a configuration.
Add some rocks at strategic places
Grouped or parted by several paces.
Of course, true Zen is complicated;
More spiritual than I have stated,
But you can fashion your own design,
Not like the Japanese (or mine).
Make sure a bench is placed just so
For you to sit and enjoy the show.
But be aware that the cat next door
May scuffle it up!
Then it's 'Zen' no more!

A true Zen Garden



If you were a disabled child
Wouldn't it drive you nearly wild
To see the able-bodied swinging,
Climbing. clambering, clutching, clinging?
Wouldn't you say 'Let's stay indoors.
It wont be fun at the park because
I'll just be stuck in this old chair
And none of the children seem to care.
I'll hear them laughing, hear them shouting,
And I know I'm bound to hate the outing
Because of the things that they can do,
And I know my dreams cannot come true.
I want to float, I want to fly!
I want to spring up to the sky!
I want to feel the air go swish!
I wish. I wish. I wish. I wish........'
This swing is not a work of art;
It's a clunky thing and not too smart.
But push a wheel-chair on to it
And see how safely it will fit.
Start to push and you will see
A magical look of ecstasy,
As a child, immobile as a rule,
Starts to laugh and play the fool!
Starts to crow with pure delight!
Starts to beg for greater height!
Starts to shout 'I'm flying! Flying!
I can move yet I'm not trying!'
And, like other girls and boys,
Squeals with a truly rapturous noise!
Swing High, Sweet Chariot! How it brings
The greatest gift! The gift of wings!


Helen said...

I really like how you took Willow's photo and went with the zen approach. Nicely written!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful take- fashioning a Zen Garden - lovely piece of poetry...blessings...bkm

spacedlaw said...

Cats are zen enough on their own: they don't need anyone messing with their sand box.
Well done.

Anonymous said...

beautifully written places...nice magpie!

Unknown said...

Waht a lovely Magpie.

Stafford Ray said...

Brenda! Those last three lines... what can I say? Turning a Zen garden into a sand box!

Alan Burnett said...

What a delightful little rhyme. Perfectly balanced, not forced in any way, strangely comforting - just like one of those Zen gardens.

Robert Lloyd said...

I loved the it bad though that when I got to the end I could only think of the cats using it as a litter box? Gross childhood memories from my sand Someone always ruined my Zen Garden.

Katherine Krige said...

I love your take on the Magpie! Fantastic ending.

Darn cats make
their own take
on a piece of sublime
functional space in time

The Crusty Crone said...

This is great! And how clever.... a zen garden. (and those darn cats!! Made me chuckle in recognition.)

susan m hinckley said...

Such a nice twist on the photo! Well done.

Gabriela Abalo said...

Fantastic!! I love it!



Linda said...

Wonderful poem! I applaud your poetic skill.

Stan Ski said...

A Zen Garden, great idea!

~T~ said...

Great association! I love those rock gardens. My garden is not so elegant, but the neighbor cats scratch up my onion patch.

Suz said...

I thought the pattern in the pottery looked like a zen garden too
but I went somewhere else
I loved all your ryhming couplets
hard work
and worth it
very nice
And I loved the other poem about the had me getting mad at first...because I know what a joy these swings are...but then you got happy..yes swing free

chiccoreal said...

Dear RR: Love the peace in the "Zen Garden" poem. A wonderful vacation from our usual mind-set. Also absolutely loved the dream fufillment found in the "Sweet Chariot" poem. We can make this happen! Very positive, light and bright! Excellent poems! Thank-you!

* said...

Loved your Zen garden; great take on the Magpie. I always wanted a garden like that. Brushing the sand seems so soothing...

~ Husitka ~ said...

The swing poem made me tear up. So beautifully written and so much wisdom in it.

Brian Miller said...

nice. my dad once made me a zen garden i used to keep on my desk...kinda glad the cat never caught on. smiles.

Tumblewords: said...

up in a swing, up in a swing so high - a wonderful experience. These are both special poems!

Lyn said...

But it's also zen to erase it..don't be mad at kitty! Zen/ let go!

Lyn said...

But it's also zen to erase it..let kitty be..zen/ let go!

Catalyst said...

I like your Zen take. It's a good Maggie.

PattiKen said...

Nice! Zen gardens bring such serenity.

Anonymous said...

Great job with the magpie, i really loved the zen garden take, the tile below the toothbrush really does look like brushed sand! My grandpa was a master at Japanese style gardening, so I totally know how beautiful zen gardens can be.

Tess Kincaid said...

Now that's a use for the toothbrush I hadn't thought of! Wonderful!