Monday, June 28, 2010

Life Swap?



Has my ego gone quite mad?
Is it crazy to be this glad?
Glad that I am me, no other;
Not even a copy of my Mother?
(She was always my ideal.....
Dimples, dark hair, curls! Unreal!)
The vision above was my idea
Of how I'd feel in my eightieth year!
Sad, and bitter, grey, depressed,
Arthritic, shaky and all the rest.
And all my life I nursed regret
About my status. I used to fret
Because I never hit the heights
On which, in my youth, I'd set my sights.
Compared to the 'winners', so successful,
My life was humdrum as well as stressful.
I felt that Mother, Teacher, Wife
Were not real 'trophies' in the game of life.
In old age I knew I'd brood
About my lack of fortitude,
About my wavering ambitions,
And lots of other drab conditions.
Yet, here I am, in my eightieth year,
Honestly thrilled that I am here!
My hobbies consume my every day.
My friends always 'come out to play',
My children and their children too
Are always fashioning something new.
I creak a bit, just on damp days,
And I have some geriatric ways,
But, on the whole, it's pretty good
To reach this point (never guessed I would!)
Those shining stars of my 'envy' years
Have had their share of grief and tears.
True, they enjoyed immense renown
But they are all on their way down!
I never had an UP and so
There's no DOWN for me to go!
Swap my life! No! I've got the best!
I'm head and shoulders above the rest!



Coiled like a snake in the sun,
Reflecting the brilliance.
Hot, hot to the hand!


Jae Rose said...

Absolutely! I am glad you wouldn't swop who you never know if being somebody else is actually better..and reaching 80 in style is no mean feat..thanks for your visit..Jae

George S Batty said...

It is always fun to read your poems of life. In many ways they tell about all of us. At least those that have been lucky enough to enjoy the geriatric fits.

Marsha said...

fabulous; I'm printing this off to re-read. I'm 63 and counting the days until I'm 65 and plan to stop full-time work. I wouldn't swap myself out either...unless I could write poetry as good as you do! thanks, Marsha

Old Egg said...

Life can be so rewarding so long as we don't regret not having done something whilst forgetting all the wonderful things that have been achieved.

Great poem full of wisdom as usual!

Michelle said...

I'm only at middle age but I wouldn't swap with my younger self either. All this wisdom I've gathered by accident is starting to have its uses. Really enjoyed your poem!

Captain Molecule said...

What an amazingly positive and refreshing poem!

Anonymous said...

I never had an UP and so
There's no DOWN for me to go!
Swap my life! No! I've got the best!
I'm head and shoulders above the rest!

awesome words !!! great lesson to remember :)

Dorinny said...

What a wonderful tribute to life. I hope I can write something like this in years to come.