Saturday, June 26, 2010


Chris Jones of Flamblogger published this picture of a Californian Towhee called Peg Leg on his/her blog along with some other lovely nature shots.


Does a little bird know when it's lost a leg?
Could it be that it's unaware?
After all, it's as 'birdie' as birds can be
When it's flying along in the air.
Does it remember the awful day
When the thin little leg went 'Snap!'?
Does it have nightmares about the time
It endured such a dire mishap?
Do other birds look at the leg and wince,
And do they feel sympathy?
Do they take extra care as they hop about
Thnking 'That might happen to me!'
'Bird Brain' we say as we mock their minds,
But I think little birds are smart.
Could you remember last summer's nest
As a memory  deep in your heart?
Could you fly many miles over hill and sea,
Could you battle through torrents of rain?
Could you fly on and on to the chosen spot
And find it again and again?
No, birds are clever. That's why I ask
Is this little creature aware?
Does he even think, when he's feeling tired ,
'Life isn't very fair.'
And is he courageous, hopping about,
And singing a Springtime song,
When he's coping with disability
And it's hard to get along?
Or does he take it all in his stride
(A one-legged 'stride', I know),
And accept the deal that he's been dealt
Not just as a bitter blow,
But as something that's over and done with,
And find himself a wife,
And raise his little fledglings
And just get on with life?


Living In Williamsburg Virginia said...

Incredible post and photo.

Darryl and Ruth : )

ChrisJ said...

Great poem. The towhee family are our dinnertime entertainment and doing very well. (I'm a she, by the way -- only Christine when I'm being very formal! :) Thanks for using my photo. I hope Peg Leg will be around a while yet.

mrsnesbitt said...

Wondeful as ever Brenda! An inspiration!

Jose said...

Wow, I shall thank ChrisJ for sending me here. Lovely poem. Nice blog, I may come back and read some more, seems you have plenty of good stuff. :)