Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Domain


Central Park, Hyde Park, parks worldwide........
Sydney has its Domain.
A refuge from the heat of summer,
Greened by refreshing rain.
A vast expanse of gardens
There by the Harbour side
A place to wander and wonder,
And the City of Sydney's pride.



A visit to the Opera House resulted in this shot;
As soon as I espied them I 'clicked' them, on the spot!
Two posters of a similar hue displayed for all to see.
A godsend to a 'Ruby' blogging-lady such as me!
My eyes keep darting left and right, when goaded by a meme,
And these two posters seemed tailor-made for the 'Ruby Tuesday' theme.


Gwendolyn L said...

Nice photo of your park. I like the sky and bridge in the background. Thanks for sharing.

Tania said...

Wonderful photo of the park!
Have a nice evening:-)