Saturday, June 26, 2010

What Will You See?




Imagine what may be inside!
I cannot although I tried.
A colourful cover might fascinate us!
The contents might just aggravate us!
'A Film Festival' is advertised.
So be prepared to be surprised!
Blue, blue lips and a golden eye!
I can't imagine! And I won't try!
Do I see a robot? Is that a bee?
A grey figure posing threateningly?
The festival may prove quite dull
Though on this cover there is a skull!
The films that are shown may be black and white;
The dramas unfolding boring, trite;
The actors may have no panache,
In fact the festival may be trash!
But this bold cover will coax us in
To see an old time 'Errol Flynn'
Or documentaries plainly boring
Not worthy of one more encoring.
The power of the advert we may discover.......
'Don't judge a festival by its cover!'



Chicken-talk but, oh dear me,
Is that a grain of truth I see?
If I drop my Blog into conversation,
Whatever may be my motivation,
A glassy look comes into the eyes
Of those I consider kind and wise!
They shuffle their feet and look away
And can't think of anything to say!
'Have you read it?' I say, all eager,
But their response is really meager!
If they, brusquely, answer 'No!'
I haven't anywhere to go!
'Sometimes' some mutter, all of a fluster,
With all the enthusiasm they can muster.
'Once or twice' may be the reply;
That means they've read me but wonder why!
'Not recently'; oh what a cop-out!
I'm talking to someone who's a drop-out!
'What's a Blog?'; an honest reaction,
But not one that gives me satisfaction!
One either Blogs or one does not;
Some people just don't care a jot,
While others think the human race
Resides up there in cyberspace!
I try to bite my tongue at times;
I will not mention RinklyRimes!
But then my very real fixation
Slips into my conversation!
I could kick myself for being rash,
So self-centred, smug and brash,
And I make-up my mind, with might and main.....
I'll never mention it again!
But...'Have you read my Blog yet?' Damn!
That's how very loose-lipped I am!
As to the other hen's riposte,
I'll simply say to her
'Get lost!'


Stan Ski said...

Some of those festival films are really good, and it's great to be the first to see something special.

Elizabeth said...

I agree. That goes across the board, especially when judging people. I like the cluck cluck piece a lot. It's very familiar, lol.


Margaret Gosden said...

To be appreciated one has to be a part of it, alas. Mention the word blog and one wonders what the questioning glazed look is imagining!

vivienne blake said...

The first poem is an interesting take on the Imagine prompt, almost defying us NOT to imagine at all for fear of disappointment. The second poem is an absolute cracker - I know just where you're coming from!

Anonymous said...

Talk about whetting the appetite!

Weasel said...

I've been to film festivals before, and though there are a lot of good works out there, I have been disappointed with a lot. Wonderfully written pieces! I know all too much about sharing my blog with the world. Thanks for sharing!


Changnoi said...

I love movies - especially super hero movies.

Wayne Pitchko said...

nicely I imagine Eroll without hair over his lips....thanks for sharing this