Tuesday, June 1, 2010


                                                                                               Brenda Bryant



A 'sweet' idea for a birthday! Cup-cakes coloured brightly.
Each proclaiming an aptitude, and chosen very rightly.
Each adjective started with 'F' for they were all for Fay.
She was becoming fifty.  This was her special day.
The 'bitter' part? Well, we all knew that, as the days went past,
Fay would leave the party. This one was her last.

Hitch-hiking! Do you remember?
Do you, too, recall a time
When we launched ourselves out on the highway,
With never a thought of crime?
When nobody raised an eyebrow
As we headed out the door!
Not even Mum expressed concern;
She didn't say 'Are you sure?'
We stood beside the highway
Giving cars a smiling glance
Not ever realising
We were taking quite a chance!
Of course, foul murders happened,
But no-one would murder us.
So no-one thought to question
And no-one thought to fuss.
And so it was lightheartedly
Each raised a hopeful thumb.
We were filled with girlish excitement
Wondering what would come.
And something always came along,
A limousine or truck,
Maybe a good-looking driver,
With a little bit of luck.
Most often married couples
Out for a casual ride,
Would slow down and invite us in,
And we'd merrily jump inside.
It was almost motorised roulette,
An exciting game of chance.
In such a fashion, blithely,
We 'hitched' to the South of France,
The Isle of Wight and Scotland
And places far and wide.
And now it is forbidden;
That freedom is denied.
The world has made such progress
It's leaving us behind,
But, somehow, it's less carefree
Less guileless and less kind.
And I'm glad I lived in my day
When a girl could thumb a ride
In freedom and security
All over the countryside.
The nineteen-fifties were boring,
That's what they like to say,
But we were having a great time!
I'm glad I'm not young today.


Ricepatty said...

Oh those cupcakes! How cheerful and I love the idea for a birthday or any special occasion.

Mrs. M said...

Bitter-sweet indeed but beautiful thought and what a sweet colorful entry for color carnival.


Sharon Wagner said...

Save a turquoise one for me!