Thursday, June 10, 2010

They're Off!


Helmets glinting in the sun,
They're off to have a bit of fun,
To ride around the neighbourhood
Obeying road rules as they should.
What a precious cargo this is!
Wave goodbye and blow them kisses!

Stillness in Motion by Linda Cole

The mind needs stillness and acceptance
To reach its full potential.
The mind rails against stillness and acceptance
For it needs to plan, rule and dominate.
Say 'Be still' to your mind
And it will analyse the command.
How to be still.
Why to be still.
Where to be still.
What trigger to use?
What mental picture to paint?
What mantra to recite?
Even as it seeks stillness
It creates chaos.
'This is not still enough!
Where am I going wrong?'
Like sleep, stillness can evade us.
The sheep we are counting
Can huddle and bleat.
The silly mind
Will seek for distinguishing marks.
'Wolf in sheep's clothing'.
Who said that?
Stop it!
Be still!'
'I am accepting'
We murmur.
'But shall we have lamb for supper tonight?'

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I've always liked motion!