Monday, June 28, 2010

Wotta Potta!

                       Grandson Harry


Look! We've gotta
Harry Potter!

(With apologies to the sensitive!)

No! They're not playing pool at all!
Theirs' is a very different ball!
They're ping-ponging while they swim!
Ping to her! And pong to him!
Blue, blue water; blue, blue game!
Hunky he-man! Dishy dame!
I don't think I'll hang round too long!
It's his turn to do a pong!


FranE said...

Love the poem and oh my what a cute picture.
Thanks for sharing it.

Sistertex said...

This is a very happy looking Harry Potter face! Wonderful. Thank you so much, Rinkly Rimes, for participating in 'Face Of The Week!' I hope you enjoy your week. Such a cute face!

jabblog said...

Your very own Harry looks an absolute sweetie!
Your second photo made me smile - they must be ping-pong fanatics.

Sunny said...

A delightful post. Grandson Harry is quite the handsome lad :)
☼ Sunny

936000 said...

How adorable is your Harry!!! And i know in the second photo the emphasis is on the faces (which are beautiful btw) but boy it is hot here and i haven't been in a pool in ages--it looks soooooo inviting! LOL!

Great photos and poem!

Carol said...

A little Potter he is indeed. Let's hope his life doesn't have quite the same adventures though.

jay said...

Oh, he is a little Potter! Sweet face!

The poem is fun, too - but as for the swim-pong, not so sure about that. Seems to me you'd spend more time swimming around after the ball than playing! Or is that part of the game? LOL!

Michael said...

A dead ringer for Harry. Watch out for any owls bearing letters.