Saturday, June 5, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle

                                            Brenda Bryant


The liner twinkles in the dark.
Soon all the travellers will embark,
Not on a wild and stormy sea,
But on a night of revelry.


The sleeves of books are works of art;
They play a quite tremendous part
In drawing the eye in the right direction
Instigating a close inspection.
And RED is the colour that leaps right out!
It seems to bully us and shout
'Here is something that you should read!
Here's a book that you really need!'
Is it because of 'blood', I wonder!
Is that the spell we're really under?
Do we think of pain and hurt?
Is that the reason we're alert?
I really like the above design,
But is that because I think 'blood red wine'?
Or is it because of the outlined faces
In the stem of all strange places?
I like to think the designer's art
Has, in some way, played a part,
But I suspect deep in my head
Lies a primeval thirst for RED!


Kim, USA said...

A cruise ship is sparkling! Great shot! Happy Saturday!

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Momgen said...

It is pretty...happy hunting.

mine is here

Alice Audrey said...

The ship, the water, even the light behind is all bright and sparkly. Very appealing shot.

kaykuala said...

The power of Red is intimidating, so it has been said. Reds turned out winners in many instances. Happy New Year, Brenda!

Anonymous said...

short and sweet and very tempting in this drear misty January.

Elizabeth said...

Like the cruise ship and revelry. But like your comments on the color red, even better. Red speaks to the deepest parts of our being. Hope your New Year is full of many new rhymes and the red of creative fire,


annell4 said...

I liked them both! It probably is blood!

Amanda Moore said...

I loved your Embark I would love to take a cruise some day I hope your Holidays were lovely!