Tuesday, June 1, 2010



Ship Ahoy! See land to Starboard!



I lived much of my youth near Cape Town,
Where the mountains were high and wide,
Pointy in their perfection,
Rising on every side.
The Hottentots Holland Mountains
Towered near at hand,
Covered in beautiful vineyards,
Growing on fertile land.
And then we came to Australia
And found it very flat.
It's hilly, but nothing's soaring,
Nothing to marvel at.
But the beautiful lakes of Australia
Have taken the place of the peaks,
Where we live is surrounded by water....
Oceans, rivers and creeks.
And the lakes are the most resplendent,
Wide and deep and blue.
(And here's my eldest grandson, Blake,
Getting a better view.)

The sound of the steel drums clashing,
The frills and the feathers flashing.
The dancers so lithe and dashing!
It must be Calypso time!
The rhythm so all pervading!
The colourful floats parading.
The laughter and masquerading!
It must be Calypso time!

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Inay said...

how wonderful is our world, wherever we will go....
its the priceless gift from God above..

God bless you