Monday, June 21, 2010

Belly-can Pelican!



'What a wonderful bird is the pelican!
It's beak can hold more than its belly can!'
It's a rhyme which I learned in my youth
With its own biological truth!
My rhymes tend to be quite verbose!
On words I sometimes overdose!
I frequently get self-indulgent
With beautiful words like 'effulgent!
And I often get carried away
With the words that I'm eager to say.
But that little verse that I quote
Is as short as a quickly-scrawled note!
It says all we need know of the bird
With a modicum use of The Word!
I must learn from this silly quotation
And give more precise information!



Biorhythm is one of those things I believe in and yet I don't!
Some days I'll go along with it and other days I won't!
According to the theory three rhythms rule our lives,
Though many say this story is very much 'Old Wives'.
Circadian rhythm is a fact; we're ruled by day and night,
But Biorhythms can't be proved so are they wrong or right?.
First, there's the Physical rhythm; affecting our bodily state.
Some days we feel we're dying; other days we feel just great.
Then there's the Emotional rhythm. Are we happy? Are we sad?
We'll all agree there's a difference between miserable and glad.
Finally, there's Intellectual. Do we feel alert and bright?
Or have we hit a day when two-and-two just wont come right?
According to the theory each rhythm waxes and wanes,
So there are days with losses and there are days with gains.
The Physical rhythm is twenty-three days; the Emotional twenty-eight;
The Intellectual, thirty-three, or so the pundits state.
Now, once in a while they'll all be high, you'll feel you rule the earth.
But, once in a while, they'll all hit low, and you'll feel you have no worth!
Most of the time we coast along having an average ride,
But we really feel a difference when the rhythms coincide!
We all have days 'on top of the world.'! We all have days that stink!
So Biorhythms stand a chance of being correct, I think.
A typical chart.


Carolyn Ford said...

Ooh...I love pelicans...what a cutie this guy is!

eileeninmd said...

Cute poem and an inteesting post. Great capture for MYM! Have a great week!

Margaret Gosden said...

I haven't heard about biorhythms before - I like that system for the accounting of good days and bad days!
It makes sense.

Joanne Olivieri said...

The pelican is just amazing, I love him and what an adorable verse. Very well done.

Marites said...

the pelican stands out like..well, a big pelican :D thanks for the infor about biorhythm. sounds interesting.

Kim, USA said...

Oh my that is huge! And that makes me smile too. Enjoy the summer!

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