Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sweet Samoa


She was waiting in the wings to sing her song;
We were waiting in the wings to do our bit.
With Samoan music playing
She would do a lot of swaying,
While we were there to act a little skit.
Her smiling face lit up the curtained stage
And her movements, when she danced, were full of grace.
Though not too young, it's truthful,
All her movements were so youthful
That they matched the sweet expression on her face.
Ours was a meeting that was very brief;
Ships passing in the night, that sort of thing,
But it's funny how we treasure
Little moments of such pleasure.
Say 'Samoa' to me and I hear her sing.



Elvis Presley sang about a 'Wooden Heart'
But he never mentioned any other part!
Carried to its logical conclusion
Maybe other body parts deserved inclusion!
Entirely wooden bodies, not just hearts!
How simple, then, would be 'replacement parts.'!
The surgeon, with a nut, a bolt, a screw
Could make a body quite as good as new!
And everyone around would understand
When the surgeon said to staff  'Give me a hand.'



Carolyn Ford said...

I would love to see this lovely Samoan lady sway to the music. There's nothing quite like the dance and music of the islands, in my mind. Beautiful words always accompany your the wooden hand to go with the wooden heart. Clever, you are!

Sistertex said...

Love the 'Face of the Week' photo you have this week. A lovely woman so filled with character. For some reason your verse gave me goose bumps at the end. Isn't it so true though that even through brief meetings or encounters certain things can bring back memories of someone who just 'stood out' for some reason or another. This happens to me fairly often as I have moved around a lot in my lifetime, even as a child. Certain songs that play or names I hear bring the memories back again.

Loved your 'Face of the Week' post. Thanks so much, appreciate your playing along this week. Have a wonderful week.

Unknown said...

so beautifully written....loved that wooden hand picture too.

Kim, USA said...

A Samoan beauty!! Love that smile too. Happy Monday!

Face of the week~Father

936000 said...

Great face of the week photo-her face just shines! Lovely!