Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Churning Turning



A smooth crossing,
Then we curve mid-river to aim for the shore.
Froth! Pandemonium! A churning turning!


All the men on Earth were there, lined-up before the throne,
And God spoke in his awful voice, the one by which he's known.
'I'm disappointed, Men!' he cried. 'You've really let me down!'
And he fixed them with a gimlet eye and a great god-awful frown.
' When I created Heaven and Earth, I did it all for you.
I said that you would rule the Earth! I believed that it was true!
I gave you height, I gave you brains, I gave you lots of flair ,
And the muscles I endowed you with were part of your great share.
I told you that the female sex was fashioned from a rib,
And that its lesser role was plain right from the very crib.
I urged you to be dominant! To keep her in her place!
 'The little woman', we agreed, was like a different race!
For centuries it all went well, the females bowed their heads;
They did their duty by you men, especially in your beds!
But modern life has ruined things! And now it's plain to see
That the females are rebelling and they're getting uppity!
Stand in a line, here, to my right, if you are dominated
By wives and girlfriends! Hurry up!'  Impatiently he waited.
'Now stand in a line here to my left if you still boss your wife!
If you still make the decisions and do as you want in life.'
Of course, the line of hen-pecked stretched on and on for ever,
Which God was quite annoyed about; things didn't look too clever.
But one small man stood on his own in the line that was labeled 'Left'.
He looked a mite uncomfortable, in fact, almost bereft.
'A noble man! A mighty man! A man that I designed!
A man who dominates females, in body and in mind!'
God was so delighted to find out that his plan
Was not entirely wasted! He'd found a dominant man!
'You chose the right line, Egbert!' ...........Egbert whispered behind his hand
'I don't know what this is all about!
My wife told me where to stand.'


RH said...

Oh! Boiling!

Jim said...

Awesome churn.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Margaret Gosden said...

Very watery indeed! Not so your rime this week - that will teach God that there's always a Goddess in the wings to level the playing field!

Joanne Olivieri said...

I love your imagination and way with words. The powerful churn is merely the circle of life.

My name is Riet said...

Wow, beautiful.

Ann said...

Oh! that water is in an angry mood.

Tammie Lee said...

fun how the churning and turning inspired you.