Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weak and Watery


A wintry day, with threatening clouds.
The city bathed in gloom.
The sun attempting fragile shine
Begging for equal room.
The barest reflection of a gleam
On the water there below!
The sun admits, on reflection,
'It's not much of a show!'
Sadly he packs his bags and leaves.
He'll stay in bed all day!
Down comes the rain! The clouds have won!
The triumph of the grey!


From 'About Seniors' Magazine


How old age has changed! How it's different now!
The elderly on life's stage! Baby take a bow!
I recall my grandmother, younger, far, than I,
Dressed in black from head to foot, no longer fleet and spry.
Not that I could parade around in the outfits on this page!
Such were never the younger 'me'; it's got nothing to do with age.
But how I admire their attitude, and their relationship too!
Still, after what may be many years, a very definite 'two'.
We find the young a mystery; and that's how they find us;
They mock our taste in music and our passes for the bus.
But here's to our Second Childhood! What a time of freedom it is!
Open up the champagne and fizz, fizz, fizz!

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Anonymous said...

Nice shot and another good poem. The gray doesn't always win though.