Tuesday, June 8, 2010



 Brenda Bryant



Very odd! Odd indeed! That a scene so full of colour
Should still look lovely in monochrome when it should look so much duller!
We were at the lake and the sky was blue and the clouds were snowy white
While the colour of the water were changeable and bright.
It was sometimes blue and turquoise and sometimes even mauve,
With flashes of brown and silver! Quite a treasure-trove!
The paddle-boats were gaudy, with red and yellow hues,
Contrasting with the waters ever-changing blues.
Only the trees were constant, still  very gaunt and dark,
Softened by Springtime greenery, yet remaining looming, stark.
Take away the colour? Surely nothing would remain!
To show such a scene in monochrome almost went against the grain.
Yet, in black and white, a depth appears, in varying shades of grey,
And I'm once again reminded of a very colourful day.


Long lissom legs;
Luscious lips, half parted.
Corrugated hair, blonde, bottle blonde.
The Beauty Spot.
The Widow's Peak.
The Kiss Curl.
The Cupid's Bow.
All gone.
Eyes wide! But not with innocence.
Fixed smiles,
With nerves chattering at the corners of the mouths.
Bountiful thighs, no longer fashionable.
Eager faces.
Oh so eager....
For Fame.
'Please let him notice me!'
'I kick higher than she does!'
'Is my lipstick smudged?'
'This is my last chance.'
We see them, time and time again, in the background of old movies.
Fred and Ginger take centre-stage.
And, behind them the girls line-up.
This could be IT!
Kick! Kick! Kick!
Higher! Higher! Higher!
Arms around another's waist,
But not out of affection.
More like hatred.
'Surely Busby Berkely looked my way!'
The Tin Pan Alley music is full of hope.
And so are they.
But we know something they don't know:
That they will never make it.
Time will defeat them.
They will join us at the kitchen sink.
And a new crop of dewy-eyed babes will come along.
These are not great tragedies, as tragedies go.
At least, one day, they will be able to say to their grandchildren
'I was in a film once'
That will be their only reward.
Maybe now they're high-kicking on a cloud!
Maybe now they're looking down at us thinking
'I bet you never danced with Fred Astair.'

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