Saturday, June 12, 2010


                                       Brenda Bryant



The day had been dull; the sky had been grey.
We had endured a sunless day.
We went for a stroll just as night came on,
Thinking all chance of sun had gone.
The skyscrapers loomed with added shade;
A circle of gloom was what they made.
But, suddenly, a glint came dancing
On the water as I was glancing!
The merest flash, the meekest spark!
I caught it!
Suddenly it was dark.

World War 2 poster


Dedicated to the wasted abilities of the women of the world and to their contribution in time of war.

My name's Hannah, and I'm handy with a spanner.
I can saw and plane and rivet with the best of them.
I can dig some dandy ditches,
And I get dirt on my breeches,
And I work, from dawn to dusk, just like the rest of them.
But when the world is free
They'll say 'Hannah! Make the tea!'
My name's Hannah. I've a firm and forthright manner,
And, every day, my attitude is toughening.
I may not be a man,
But I'm not an also-ran,
And it makes me proud to see my hands are roughening.
But when they end the war
They'll say 'Hannah! Mop the floor!'
My names Hannah and I wear a bright bandana.
See! My curls are tucked in neatly and proficiently.
Yes, even though it hurts,
I've abandoned frilly skirts,
And these trousers keep me safe at work, efficiently.
But, when victory flags unfurl,
They'll say 'Hannah! Be a girl!'
My name's Hannah. I'm a thinker and a planner,
And what's inside my head, you wouldn't dream about.
I could be a big tycoon!
I could blast-off to the moon!
These are the things I lie in bed and scheme about.
But, when planes fly back to base,
They'll say 'Hannah! Know your place!'
My names Hannah and I'd sing a loud Hosannah
If the powers that be could recognise equality.
If they'd take note of my brains,
And my skill at building planes,
And not treat me as some silly, sweet, frivolity!
But, when the guns fall mute,
They’ll say 'Hannah, you're just cute.'
My names Hannah and, one day, I'll be a Nanna,
And I'm happy that there's motherhood in store for me.
But I know that, even then,
I'll be an underling to men,
And they'll throw me crumbs, like opening the door for me.
Yes, isn't it a farce!
They'll put me out to grass!
All this will come to pass
Under ceilings made of glass!


Sylvia K said...

Great shot and matching words! Always perfect for the day! Hope you have a lovely weekend, Brenda!


Rosaria Williams said...

Hannah started us all thinking. Though we have come quite a-ways, we're still second-class here and there, and whenever we let it happen.

Great verse to pound in the message!

Dimple said...

"Glint" is very good, as is the photo which inspired it!


Naquillity said...

love your Glint photo. and your poem takes us to night briskly. isn't it funny how we can capture one glint, a sort of hope, before the lights go out. nicely written.

also, your poem Hannah makes one think how far women have come since then. your dedication to her and all the women who've followed since is great. have a wonderful weekend.

Margaret Gosden said...

Lovely reflection shot - I do like the bluish tone
throughout including the shade of the skyscrapers!

Unknown said...

Im really enjoying your poems, thank you.

Cezar and Léia said...

You are very talented, I like your poems and beautiful pictures!
Happy weekend,
Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

Gemma Wiseman said...

A dramatic photo of the bright glint of light! And Hannah's story is beautifully narrated!

Clytie said...

What a blessing to catch a fleeting 'glint'! A beautiful reflection!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Your Hannah poem is deceptively scathing - which makes me love it. I really like how you've ended each stanza. The tone of your poem encapsulates the reason I made it known in my office that I did not wish to be referred to as a girl. Ever. No child labour at my office!