Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Fringe



Standing sentinel by the Lake are the lovely Norfolk Pines
With their enchanting symmetry and satisfying lines.
They enhance a watery aspect, so they're planted by the shore
Of lakes and rivers and the beach, within the ocean's roar.
They're natives of Norfolk Island, a mere dot in the sea,
Where the sailors from the 'Bounty' came after the Mutiny.
It's a holiday destination for Australians, like me
Being only just eight miles across, but full of history.
I recall my island holiday each time I see the lines
And the noble dark green foliage of  our many Norfolk pines.


In a little country town, in a little dusty room
That called itself  'Museum', just for show,
I found this ancient artifact among the aged junk
And it brought back days of very long ago.
I can see them gathering round when the miracle arrived,
All shiny and so modern and so bright!
I can picture eyes wide open at the new technology;
They'd see Washing Day in quite a different light!
'Mum! It'll do the wringing!' Little Tommy is amazed
At the clever things that grown-up people do!
'It looks a trifle difficult!' That's Mother looking shy
For she's always rather scared when things are new.
'You'll get the hang of it, my dear!' That's father, looking proud,
For the gadget is from Dad to Mum, a gift;
'The children need not help you when you do the weekly wash!
You'll find the sheets are easier to lift!'
Mum tries to turn the handle but it's heavy and it's stiff;
She views her new contraption with dismay.
So now she'll have to manage without any help at all.
She just can't wait until it's Washing Day!



Jim said...

A great shot.

Annie Jeffries said...

Men! You gotta love 'em.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

The Norfolk pines can grow very tall. I imagine them to be giant Christmas trees.

Hootin Anni said...

Love the pine trees.....I miss those now that I live on the coast. Beautiful photo. And the 2nd one...washing day? What's that? I think retirement has a lot to do with the dust on mine. LOLOLOL

My day's post is all about turtles. The release of 110+ baby turtles into the Gulf! With pictures galore. DIRECT LINK

Have a super Wednesday.