Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Drop!

I try to imagine Sky Diving,
But my mind wont cooperate!
I can picture the second before!
The perch!
On cliff
On roof
On mountain top.
I can experience
The shivering, grasping toes,
Not prepared
To leave terra firma!
I can visualise the view!
The spiralling emptiness!
The trees,
City streets
Laid out a million miles down!
I can imagine the
Hypnotic effect
Of Space.
The desire to be drawn down
Just because down is down!
I can live the terror!
'I'm mad!'
'What if this is the end?'
'I don't have to!'
'Someone stop me!'
I can even picture The Jump!
The sailing impossibility!
But the fall?
That I cannot imagine!
Are there thoughts?
Are there awarenesses?
Do I shout?
Am I disorientated?
Do I know up from down?
Does the ground grow closer?
Am I sane?
I cannot imagine
And I shall certainly
Never know !


She was driving through the countryside, a lovely luscious blonde,
Heading for the bright lights and the thrills that lay beyond.
In her zippy little sports car, she was well above the limit,
But her mood was so ecstatic that no thought of speed could dim it.
When, suddenly, a cop appeared and flagged our Blondie down.
She smiled at him seductively but all he did was frown.
'You're going way, way, way too fast! I fear you must be booked!'
'Oh Officer' she twinkled then, 'Can't it be overlooked?'
'Show me your licence, Madam!' ; the cop was quite severe!
' I can't do that' she giggled, 'For I haven't got it here!'
'You haven't got it here!' he yelled ' There will be hell to pay!'
''How can I have it,' she replied, 'When you took it yesterday?'


Jenn Jilks said...

I love the fair cop!

Gemma Wiseman said...

I would be useless ast sky diving! No head for heights here! And adore the cop story! Great twist!

Chubskulit Rose said...

I am scared of heights.

Ruby Tuesday

Alan Burnett said...

I seem to be able to imagine sky diving. It happens in dreams. Normally there is no wire. And usually - thank goodness - I wake up before reaching earth.

Hootin Anni said...

I could not, and WOULD not do skydiving. LOL

My Tuesday Post

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Twinkling blonde or steely cop—
Which will be the first to drop
His/her guard and flash a smile?
We will find out in a while.
But for now the tiff goes on
‘Tween the cop and ditzy blonde.

(A bit of assonance here, as the list of words that rhyme with "blonde" just don't fit the picture!)

Ruby Phone Box

Snooze said...

far too scary for me ... i get vertigo at the thought!
My Ruby Redness