Friday, June 11, 2010

Crowned with Glory?


I can't remember being six during this momentous year.
Vague recollections come to me, but nothing very clear.
I was at school, of course, and so there must have been celebrations,
Maybe mugs like this dispersed, and lots of decorations.
The vivid memories I have are of the present Queen
Being crowned, in London, for I was on the scene.
Not there in the Abbey! For I was of no account,
And members of the public didn't rate a great amount.
No, I was in the thronging crowd that filled the streets that day,
Back then when Royals had not displayed their woeful feet of clay!
I was in my twenties then! Oh what a heady age!
I really felt I was strutting on Life's enormous stage!
The rain came down, my view was blocked, my feet got damp and sore
But dutifully I added to the crowd's triumphant roar!
A New Elizabethan Age had dawned, we felt that then;
And Hillary climbed Everest! Most heroic of men!
The spirit of Great Britain was joyful and uplifting!
At last the clouds left by The War were to the distance shifting!
The new Queen was a lovely girl! Her husband was a dish!
It seemed, that day, as though we could make true our every wish!
My grandson, Harry, yesterday, also became six.
And, oh dear me, the world is looking in a pretty fix!
So many dreams gone down the drain, so many hopes departed!
So many ideals trashed it seems! No wonder we're downhearted.
My memories of six years old are vague in the extreme.
So will his be, all misty, as in some forgotten dream.
But, by the time he's twenty, more than just a little boy,
I hope he feels, as I did, full of optimistic joy.


This cucumber looks full of pride and why should he not do so?
I wonder if you've realised that he can help you too, so..............

1. If your bathroom mirror's fogging up wipe it with a slice;
It then will shine as good as new; your reflection will look nice.

2. If your garden's full of pests take an aluminium tin
And slice some bits of cucumber and simply lay therein.
The scent arising from the tin and cucumber combined
Drives pests completely crazy and they'll run away, you'll find.

3. Do your shoes need cleaning? Cucumber will do them!
Each shoe will shine as bright as day and the rain will not get to them!

4. A squeaky hinge? Why bother with some chemical improvement?
Cucumber will decrease the noise and then increase the movement!

The humble cucumber, my friends, can help you as a rule.
On top of that it's always absolutely cool!



Sue J said...

I enjoyed both of these pieces. I had no idea that cucumbers were so versatile :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Brenda, what a great take on this Magpie Tales prompt. Loved your post completely. So glad to have come by. I was born in 1937 and I see you were born not long before me.

brenda w said...

Your Magpie is almost epic in the scope of history it covers. I really like's interesting and touches on universals. Especially when it comes to hoping for a happy life for our children.

Thanks for the cucumber tips!

one more believer said...

how wonderful it must have been that day regardless of the wet... a beautiful line abt the hope in your at 20 for yr grandson as well... the the cucumber who knew abt being a pesticide...definitely will try that...and the squeak too

Kathe W. said...

I too enjoyed both pieces- oone for the personal history and the other because I am up to my elbows in spring gardening!

Aoife.Troxel said...

Both pieces were great. I don't think I could bring myself to use the cucumber tips; I love to eat them too much!
As for the Magpie Tale, what a sense of history. I found it quite fascinating. A real first-hand account...told in lively rhyme!

Helen said...

Your Magpie is beautifully written! That time in history is intriguing indeed.

And who knew all the charms of the cucumber? I think I love them too much to do anything with them other then gobble them up!

Angie Muresan said...

Your magpie fascinates me! When I was a child, I was obsessed with royalty and their lifestyles, and would sit on the floor of my mother's wardrobe, gazing for hours at images of coronations and baptisms.

Annie Jeffries said...

Dear Brenda -

Your poem and reflections are so filled with the circle of hope chasing disappointment chasing hope again. What a circle of life we live. I hope your grandson's later years are filled with great hope and few disappointments.


Tess Kincaid said...

Wonderful thoughts and memories all wrapped up in this poem!

Mimi said...

Can't wait to try some of your cucumber tips, thanks for sharing them.

Tumblewords: said...

From a wonderfully worded slice of life to a useful slice of cuke - this post is a true delight!

christine said...

I absolutely loved this, such a tale and fantastic rhyming

The Crusty Crone said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. Beyond being entertaining it is also full of so much useful information. Who knew of the modest cucumer.

Anonymous said...

Loved your magpie! What wonderful memories and times to have lived through!I really liked your rhyme scheme too.

Lyn said...

What a great history..well done..and I hope Harry turns out as optimistic as you!!

Helena said...

Brenda - I had a huge smile on my face reading this poem. What a fabulous piece! I'm off to read it again!

And I now know what extra jobs my hubby's cucumbers will be having once they're ready for picking!

Brian Miller said...

both pieces equally enjoyable...cutting some cukes for my salad 'cool' is that? smiles.

showme said...

Cucumber Tips appreciated as well as your style of writing! Great Magpie.

Catalyst said...

Brenda, your rhyming capability is highly admirable, as are the thoughts expressed in your poem.

RNSANE said...

Excellent verse x 2....from queen to cucumber!!!

Jennifer said...

Loved your entertaining poem! You did a great job of taking me to that exciting time.

Suz said...

simply delightful

~T~ said...

What interesting memories! I hope, too...

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

your magpie educates,
your magpie delights...
what a blessing to read you.
way to go!

Robert Lloyd said...

Brenda, I really loved your Magpie. So much history and life was displayed in this poem. It is amazing what memories a simple photo can inspire. Thank you for sharing a piece of you.

Peggy said...

Nice Magpie

Anonymous said...

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