Saturday, June 12, 2010



In the days of old there were nasty things
Designed to catch the flies.
They hung from cottage ceilings
Without thought of a disguise.
'Fly Papers', we used to call them;
They were yellow, long and thin;
Deceitful yellow ribbons
To draw the insects in.
The Fly Papers were sticky;
The flies were trapped and died;
Fluttering and squirming
With nowhere they could hide.
And their bodies simply hung there
Till the ribbon was obscured
And the sight of a mass of decaying flies
Could hardly be endured.
Today we have computers,
With Bloggers in their thrall.
All over the world are the victims,
Bloggers, wall to wall!
The Maxine's, busy blogging,
Are attracted to their screens,
And like struggling flies they cling there,
Masses of Maxines!
See, in the illustration,
How her hands are surely stuck
To the keyboard which restrains them;
Obsession run amok!
We try to ignore the attraction,
But we're drawn to that silver screen.
We'll never never be free from it,
Give up the struggle, Maxine!


Down at the Olive Tree Markets
On a Saturday in Spring
There was quite a rush,
Almost a crush,
As each searched for 'that little thing'.
And the shadows were stirred like a pudding
Underneath all the scuffling feet.
And we met and talked
And sat and walked
And searched for that special treat.



Sherrie said...

I've been in that situation, hitting escape and not going anywhere. Love your poem and I hate Fly Paper Strips. YUK! Have a great day!

Sherrie's Stuff

maryt/theteach said...

Great one, Brenda! And I love the poem that goes with it! So apropos!:)