Saturday, June 26, 2010

By Any Other Name!



Good old Maxine! On top of the game!
She calls 'B.P' by it's proper name!
'British Petroleum' others say,
In quite a loud, censorious way,
Claiming the Brits are the ones at fault
And certainly bound to end in court.
Doubtless there's blame and the oil's a mess,
The ocean's suffering great distress,
But the Company's international now!
It's not some British Sacred Cow!
Almost half of the employees
Come from places 'overseas'
And the U.S. input is very large!
Some Americans are in charge!
So call it 'B.P', it's rightful name,
And let us all take a share of the blame!
Our greed for oil, our attitude,
Our careless approach to finding crude!
The whole disaster goes beyond
A squabble with cousins over The Pond!
Though I'm only half Pom, Maxine's got my vote
For the 'B.P.' title in her quote.


(From the Willow Pattern)

The story behind the famous scene is far too complicated
For a simple little verse to make quite clear.
Suffice to say two lovers were star-crossed, and never mated,
And they've been birds forever since, I fear.
On a hundred thousand teapots they have fluttered in the sky!
On saucers plates and vases they have soared.
Their wings have touched each others as in flight they've fluttered by,
Not united but close by the one adored.
And below we see a copy on a little modern tile,
Representing that great love that came to nought.
And we look at those two soaring birds and give a little smile
Giving unrequited love a passing thought.



Sherrie said...

That is all a mess down south. Someone has to step up and take the blame for it. Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!


Judi said...

Time to wake up and smell the oil.

maryt/theteach said...

Brenda, a terrible tragedy for the Florida panhadle and the U.S. We have to get it cleaned up!