Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Water Baby


Squeals of joy
From this little boy!
No lamb to the slaughter!
 He loves the water!
Next year he'll leap
Into the deep!
Wet eyes! Wet ears!
And yet no fears!
This Mum, maybe,
Has a Water Baby!
Many tears for babies here:


Jim said...

Cute. My photo this week also features somthing that is not exactly water but is water related.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

JO said...

picture perfect.

Martha Z said...

I love this!

Winifred said...

That is lovely. Just wish my grand daughter liked it. We just about have to drag her to swimming lessons.

eileeninmd said...

How cute, is it his first swimming lesson?

Dimple said...

Cute! Love the picture and the poem!

Lilli & Nevada said...

what a cute watery baby

Pblacksaw said...

Beautiful watery baby and great poem!