Friday, October 30, 2009

Manic Modernity


In a little country town, in a little dusty room
That called itself  'Museum', just for show,
I found this ancient artifact among the aged junk
And it brought back days of very long ago.
I can see them gathering round when the miracle arrived,
All shiny and so modern and so bright!
I can picture eyes wide open at the new technology;
They'd see Washing Day in quite a different light!
'Mum! It'll do the wringing!' Little Tommy is amazed
At the clever things that grown-up people do!
'It looks a trifle difficult!' That's Mother looking shy
For she's always rather scared when things are new.
'You'll get the hang of it, my dear!' That's father, looking proud,
For the gadget is from Dad to Mum, a gift;
'The children need not help you when you do the weekly wash!
You'll find the sheets are easier to lift!'
Mum tries to turn the handle but it's heavy and it's stiff;
She views her new contraption with dismay.
So now she'll have to manage without any help at all.
She just can't wait until it's Washing Day!


Kathi Fly said...

Wow, don't know if I've ever actually seen one of those. My mom talks about having one. So interesting, thanks for sharing!

Maureen said...

I remember when I was a wee little one (my Nanny's expression) my mom would pull the washer up to the kitchen sink and do laundry. That ritual happened a couple of times a week. Can't ever imagine that. But then again, before that, there were washboards. Thank you Sears Roebuck!

Debbie said...

My mom talks about having to use that type of washing machine, it was so much work. We are so lucky at the technology we have today.

Patty said...

My old ringer was more modern than this one, but still a wringer non the less. Had to be careful not to get the fingers or hair caught in it. I used a wringer washer up till 1981. Happy week-end.

Coloradolady said...

As much laundry as I do around here, I can not imagine....I wish I had one of these to put on my porch as a planter, I saw one like that once and fell in love...but I never find one in my price range. Have a great weekend.....loved your vintage post!

concretenprimroses said...

My mom also talks of them. Very interesting to see it.

Winifred said...

My Mam had one of those and then she got an electric one. It was really frightening. Yes, she got her hand trapped in it but luckily it had a release button.

totomai said...

it's still good to go back in time from to time :-)
oh and my mom is not really into new things too.

Gwen said...

Just imagine their surprise at today's washing aids. Lovely to read and this brought back memories of my grandmother...thank you:)

Josie Two Shoes said...

Your post brought back good memories of my mother with her beloved wringer washing machine that she wouldn't give up even when dad bought her a modern one. Hers wasn't nearly as one you picture, in fact it was electric, but still a far cry from the machines we use today. Great take on the concept of modern!

Nita Jo said...

That brought back memories. My mom had a wringer washer, and I remember the warnings about keeping my fingers and hair away from it. I enjoyed reading this!

Anonymous said...

Well, this helps me be a little less irritated by all of the laundry I am doing today! Just think if I had to replace my machine with one of those! I think I'll take on a cheerier attitude! :)

Anonymous said...

so many people hate washing clothes, but i like it with my machine. nice point you make

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