Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Love's Labours Lost!

letter L

A bit risque and of course, you'll see it coming a mile off! But it's still a pretty good story.


Tonight will be a big night! Andy knows he's a winner!
Little Laura, his girlfriend, has asked him home for dinner.
Not only that but she's whispered that, at the end of the day,
Because the occasion's special, she'll let him go 'all the way'!
Andy is only seventeen, and he's innocent as well.
And he's feeling a little uncertain about it, truth to tell.
But he knows that he'll need condoms; that's as certain as can be.
So he plucks up all his courage and walks into a pharmacy.
Andy looks pretty nervous and this the Pharmacist sees,
So he does his very best to put the young man at his ease.
He shows him the box sizes; Andy chooses the larger size;
After all, the saying 'Be Prepared' is often very wise.
Then, in a very kindly way, he tells Andy a thing or two;
And Andy leaves the Pharmacy knowing what lovers do.
The evening comes, the meal is served, and everyone's in place
And family members bow their heads as the father says the grace.
Once the grace is over, there's all the food to share,
But Andy's head is still bowed low; he continues with his prayer.
The minutes pass and all are paused , respecting his attitude,
But it goes on and on and on, ignoring all the food!
His hands are clenched, his lips move fast and Laura whispers low
'You didn't say you were religious!' Andy whispers back 'I know!
You say you've told your father that we've never even kissed,
But why ever didn't you tell me
Your Dad was a Pharmacist!'

Young love in a more romantic age here:


Linda Jacobs said...

Too funny! Love it!

Mara said...

I must be daft! I never saw it coming, but it's a brilliant outcome!

Darlene said...

What a hoot!

Tumblewords: said...

Well, you surprised me - I hadn't a clue, even though I read carefully! Love it...

photowannabe said...

Too, too funny and I didn't see it coming either. Great post for the letter L.

Rose said...

LOL, I didn't see this one coming at all! Thanks for a great laugh!

Hildred said...

Such a good story teller, - and you surprised me at the end too. Thanks for there a sequel?

magiceye said...

lol! that was hilarious!

Roger Owen Green said...

GOT me!

Bradley Hsi said...

Just great, well done. Love the sotry.