Friday, November 5, 2010


There was a young lass from Uganda
Who sat on a sunny veranda
Imagine her joy
When a lovely young boy
Said 'Will you be the goose to my gander?'
See my blog of 11/1/10 to learn about this alphabetical meme.


And an old one for good measure.


Oh Virginia! Virginia! That you should come to this!
A tea-towel in your name! What degradation!
Surely someone, somewhere has been very much remiss,
Placing you in a domestic situation!
You'd rather be off 'To the Lighthouse' or to Sissinghurst, perhaps,
Or merely in your study, busy writing.
You'd surely find this travesty a really tasteless lapse,
Though we might find its nuances inviting.
Were you alive, I wonder what your attitude would be
If you entered Shirley's kitchen and espied
This item which speaks loudly of crass publicity,
Something I'm sure you just could not abide!
It's a very pretty colour, I think you would admit,
And at least your name is proudly on display,
But I feel you'd be quite haughty and purse your lips a bit
Saying 'Kindly throw the wretched thing away.'


eyeography said...

Beautiful poems...
The Veranda one is my favorite... :)

Vinay Leo R. said...

hehe.. goose to my gander.. what a unique way to propose..!

the link was in the announcement page, Rinkly.. but I've kept it at the right page now :) u can just click the calendar in the sidebar if u get lost :) it'll lead u to the right alphabet :D