Friday, November 26, 2010



There was a young lady from Dorking
Whose voice was just like a duck squawking
People covered their ears
Or burst into tears
Saying 'Why don't you talk proper talking?'
See my blog of 11/1/10 to learn more about this alphabetical meme.


An old one for good measure.

                             Lions Head Cape Town

The rock is rooted in the earth;
The mist is from aloft.
One is the ultimate hardness;
One the ultimate soft.
Together they bring us beauty,
As they stand, combine or drift.
Our holday in Cape Town!
It gave our hearts a lift.


Yesterday had its good and bad points.

Here is the Choir posing after a very successful concert. We all enjoy each others' company so much. I've just been re-watching 'Calendar Girls' and it reminded me how fortunate women are in their friendships.

And here's the bad.... This tiny dog is my daughter Rebecca's pride and joy and he's very ill at the moment, with a suspected snake-bite. (I haven't seen one snake in the 36 years I've lived in Australia, but the very wet winter has brought them out and Banjo was unlucky.) He's had blood transfusions and we're hoping he'll survive. We're all so fond of him. 


Anonymous said...

Loved your poems and will pray that little Banjo makes it through okay. Congrats on the concert. Calendar Girls is one fun movie.

Margaret Gosden said...

Poor Banjo (and Rebecca) - do hope he can hang in there!