Saturday, November 6, 2010



The words in blue come from the first line of an ancient folk song called My Love which was brought up to date and recorded by Steeleye Span.
Do you remember what we promised when we met...?


So, yesterday we met, my love, and I could kick myself,
Thinking of all the things I could have said!
I wanted to speak like a poet, with words that flew on wings,
But I just muttered 'Hi!' and hung my head!
I wanted to say 'My angel girl! I've been waiting all my life!'
And yet I let my only chance go by!
I wanted to say 'I'm crazy with the glory of your face!'
And yet the only thing I said was 'Hi'!
And do you remember me at all? That skinny bloke with Tom?
And are you even aware that we have met?
And, when you think of yesterday, am I just the vaguest blur,
A person who's so easy to forget?
You couldn't guess what was in my mind! The turmoil I was in!
We met so briefly, then we said goodbye.
You didn't know how my life was changed forever by your face
And how I've promised to love you till I die.
Although the only word I said was 'Hi'!

(An Acrostic)

Hovering like some whirring insect,
Under, above and out and in;
Making music with your blurred wings
Moving them as though they spin!
Insides of flowers your place of worship;
Neat your beak with pouncing dart;
Gently, like a surgeon piercing
Breaking wide the flower's heart.
In a world of crass and clumsy,
Rapid changes which encroach,
Divinity is in your fluttering;
Hummingbird, you living brooch!


George S Batty said...

the promise "Hi" will stir many a man and poke his shyness memories.
most men have a few of those.

Faith said...

"Hi" was cute and kinda sad, really, because there is a lot of truth there like GS mentioned!

Hummingbirds are beautiful definitely a "Divinity is in your fluttering"!

gautami tripathy said...

i like the repetition of 'Hi".

embracing weeds

Louise Gallagher said...

Man or woman, your poem resonates. Nice work!

really like the emphasis and reptition of I said only 'Hi'.

Anonymous said...

This comes across like a "missed connections" post no girl can possibly resist. I love your rhythm.