Monday, November 22, 2010



There once was an ancient hillbilly
Whose horse was a highly-strung filly.
His horse did a buck
And he fell in the muck.
I can tell you it made him feel silly!
See my blog for 11/1/10 to learn more about this alphabetical meme.


Sitting halfway down the stairs! The picture's in my mind.
A little important memory, in 'bold' and underlined.
Suddenly, I hear the tune, and then the frisson starts!
How is it that a simple song can fribulate our hearts;
That a certain special melody played in that certain style
Can send a pleasant shiver up my spine and make me smile;
Can make me stop, there, in my tracks, to live again times gone,
Sometimes a time so long ago it's rarely looked back upon?
Take 'Lullaby of Broadway'. I was only about four
And life was a strange, mysterious thing with all of it in store.
Halfway down the stairs I sat, I heard the radio!
It was a strange new-fangled thing. (This was very long ago!)
The words were such a puzzle! They didn't make much sense!
A lullaby in the morning? Bewilderment immense!
And, somehow, as I puzzled, the tune got in my mind,
And all of that comes back to me in detail, I now find.
One chord and I am back there, a little child again,
Sitting halfway down the stairs, hearing that refrain.
And puzzling and puzzling and trying to get it right
And wondering and wondering, up there at a great height.
And now that I'm merely writing of that moment in the past
I feel the same old magic!
How good that it can last!

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