Monday, November 29, 2010




Double serendipity! Christmas on its way
And a call for an 'antidote' item on the blog today!
Rather black, the humour, although it fits the bill!
But I thought it rather funny and I'm hoping that you will!


So our mountains are quite tiny but what a vivid blue!
The eucalyptus oil ensures they retain their lovely hue.
And when we're amid the splendour of the glorious countryside,
We feel so elevated that we're 'on a high' with pride!
Climb up and up to Dorrigo, a charming little town,
Then swoop to the Pacific, down and down and down,
Through peaceful farms and woodland till we find the endless sea.
And then you'll find that you have lived an Australian fantasy!


Old Egg said...

What a dilemma for Father Christmas! Little did he know it was his dad.

I also loved your other piece about Dorrigo and that beautiful hazy blue that the photo captures so well. Mind you I have a great love of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

Jae Rose said...

Oh, the Australian fantasy..looks beautifully warm..eventhough it's blue..we are frosty over her in the UK..thank you for your visit..and it was lovely to read something you wrote in your youth -you had 'it' even then! Jae;)

Nanka said...

First on the blue haze as I got very excited on reading it.

We do have Mountains in our southern parts called 'Blue Mountains" Indian name is "Nilgiris" (meaning the same ) where Tea is grown, at those high altitudes besides eucalyptus trees.

I have lived on our estate there for sometime. The early morning mist that rises from the valley has a distinct blue haze and a sight to behold. :)

Nanka said...

Are you in touch with Santa to get you those antidotes ?? :D LOL!!

George S Batty said...

Old Grizz loved the dark humor. never thought of that as a child but it would have been a reat joke to play on old Santa. (leaving the note but not the poison)

"Dorrigo Blue" is a beautiful poem. It gives me the feel of Australia and now I know a little more about your great country.

Anonymous said...

festive imagery.
you are so creative and cheerful,
I feel the joy!

Other Mary said...

Love that black humor!

totomai said...

what a celebration. loving the twists here

advance happy holidays