Saturday, November 6, 2010


                                                 Trevor Tucker


A moment earlier and the light
From the setting sun would have been too bright.
It would have been a rosy ball
Casting its redness over all.
Squinting eyes would have failed to see
The trees and their winter tracery.
The water of the lake beyond
Would have seemed to be a blood-red pond.
The rutted path would have tripped the feet
As the bright sun's dazzle was complete!
A moment later and the dark
Would have overcome the sun's pale spark.
Only a lingering line of light
Would have fought against the incoming night.
The hedges would have moved in near,
Making the pathway much less clear.
The darkened trees would have stretched on high
Unseen against a coal-black sky.
And the lake itself would have sunk and merged
As though the light had been submerged.
But the optimum moment here displayed,
Has captured the moment of the fade.
Pastel colours, lingering light,
Water appearing almost white.
A golden pathway seems to run
Showing the way to the setting sun.
The branches splay in silhouette
Against a sky which is pale blue yet.
An optimum moment, a perfect capture!
A record of a passing rapture.

Note: this shot was sent to me by my old friend Trevor and I thank him for letting me write about it. BB

                                             Newcastle NSW 


Over the Hunter River the little ferry goes.
It's back again before we can say 'Boo!'
And we like to look back at our town as it strikes a gracious pose
And you'll never find us tiring of the view.
Here we see the wake that's always streaming out behind
And the buildings of our very favourite city,
Though we take the journey often it's for sure we always find
That the scene is very tranquil, very pretty.
Journeying to Stockton can take a while by road
And the ferry lets the wind blow in our hair;
All commuting workers make quite a heavy load
But the little ferry never seems to care.
The inhabitants of Stockton tell quite a hairy joke
But then of course they are inclined to tease.
'Of course' one says 'I'm better than a lot of other folk;
I'm from Stockton;
I have come from OVERSEAS!'

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Jane said...

Beautiful poems. I really love reading your work.