Thursday, November 25, 2010

Taking Chances

This week's words 'advance, shuffle, pander'

The waves advance upon the shore
With mighty power and deafening roar.
They do not pander to our needs;
We are one of life's lesser breeds.
But, as they recede, with scarce a shuffle,
Nature seems to mute and muffle.
Then we can dip our puny toes
Before another giant grows.
Screams of joy as a wave advances
And mortals laugh at taking chances!


                    Brenda Bryant

Oh well, it's a scenic attraction and a tropical memory too,
Although it's quite clearly unnatural, and, possibly, 'simply wont do'!
But I'm squeezing it in under 'scenic', since it captures the spirit and feel
Of a holiday, spent up in Noosa, where the tropical scene was quite real.
The coastline of Queensland is gorgeous,(apart from a cyclone or two,)
So this, clearly, quite staged presentation gives a hint of reality too.


KB said...

I love the sound and power of waves. Enjoyed this.

Nanka said...

Well written poem and loved the way you have incorporated the three words, and made such a simple beautiful poem.

Really!!how puny we are compared to the mighty ocean!!

Jae Rose said...

'mute and muffle' - I just love that! Still fun to play in the sea however big (great photo!) Thanks for your visit and kind words..Jae

shail said...

Very well done, the advancing waves, that don;t pander to the mortal's needs, scarce a shuffle.... Nice!

dolorah said...

Cool. I love the ocean.