Friday, November 26, 2010

Red Route




So much to admire in this cover!
For one thing it's sizzling red!
Red is excitingly vivid......
Makes you want to leap straight out of bed
And go on a thrilling adventure,
To places a long way away,
Stopping a while on the journey,
When locations invite you to stay.
The dotted-line road is so wayward;
It even coils right off the map,
While the little red car that you're driving
Is aiming to land in your lap!
We notice the folds in the paper,
Which give it an authentic touch,
Like a map that you keep in your glove-box,
A map that gets folded too much.
The work of a clever designer,
This cover does all that it  should
To entice us inside to discover
If the content is equally good.


Here in Oz a shrimp's a prawn and cilantro's coriander
Keep that in mind when you cook this tasty dish!
The name's don't really matter for it's the taste that counts
And the taste of this is brilliant as you wish!
It's a perfect meal for summer nights (it's summer where I am)
And the prawns look lovely laid out on the plate.
It's a quick and easy recipe that anyone can make
But your guests are sure to label it as 'Great!'
Marinate the prawns in the honey for a while,
Covering with cling-wrap helps a lot.
Then add the garlic, oil and soy and marinate some more,
The lovely flavour's sure to hit the spot.
Skin and chop the mushrooms, cut the onion into chunks,
Also the peppers, one size here 'fits all'.
Thread the lot on skewers, but watch out for the drips!
Some from the marinade are bound to fall!
Your kebabs are set for grilling, with some extra marinade;
Cook them till they curl up at the edges,
Then serve them any way you like, with bread or rice or plain,
With salads or with lots of crispy veggies.
The honey adds a yummy sticky surface to the prawns,
So be sure you have some napkins standing by!
There'll be lots of finger-licking when you serve these lovely treats!
And your reputation's bound to go sky-high!

Marinade:3tbsp honey,2tbsp soy sauce,1tsp of sesame seed oil,1 clove of garlic, crushed
Prawns :175g prawns, cooked and peeled, 125g mushrooms, 1/2 onion,1 red pepper

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