Sunday, November 14, 2010

Daffodil Day



On Australia, in the Springtime, there's most important date;
Daffodil Day is marked on every hand.
It's in aid of the Cancer Council and here's a helpful pair
Out collecting money at their special stand.
Daffodils are exotic plants, and so they don't grow wild,
But in gardens we may still see one or two.
But we like these artificial ones; they remind us of the Spring,
And the good that helpful folk like these can do.


Inside every fat woman
Is a slim one.
Inside every tone-deaf person
Is a voice.
Inside everyone like me
Is an artist!
I sometimes I imagine I am painting.
I feel the brush between my fingers,
I mix the paint,
I stand back to get a proper perspective.
Sometimes I even imagine myself
In a paint-spattered smock!
How ridiculous!
 I stand at Matisse's window
For a glorious game of 'Let's Pretend'.
And my tone-deaf voice can sing,
Even if no-one can hear it but me!


Blake celebrated his birthday at the Blue Gum climbing park yesterday. (Rain had caused it to be delayed.)

My son Greg high in the branches.
Brian and Blake setting off.
Harry on the junior trail.
Blake, in green, with the friends he invited.

Grandma and Grandpa watched from below!


Lois Evensen said...

Happy Birthday to Blake!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

love those tree images.

Margaret Gosden said...

I haven't heard of anything like that here yet! I looks
great fun and I can imagine the anticipation and the
disappoint when it rained. Hard on watchers who have to look up all the time - how can one not! Happy Birthday Blake!