Thursday, November 25, 2010



There once was an elegant eagle
Who fell madly in love with a beagle.
When it came time to kiss
The dog said 'None of this!
I've a feeling this whole thing's illegal!'
See my blog of 11/1/10 to learn more about this alphabetical meme.


And an old one for good measure.

I am very keen on Simplified Spelling! Here I go overboard but I bet you can read it!


Men ov old hav utad 'Zowndz!'
Wen thav ritan wurdz in sowndz,
But mi aproch wurkz lic a drem
Speling lists just mak me screm!
Orl thoz yeaz geting thingz rong!
Owaz and owaz! It tooc so long!
Wen ech child cood hav yoozd its hed
Lurning utha thingz insted!
'Hooray for fonics!' so say I!
Il be a fan until I di!

1 comment:

Margaret Gosden said...

Perhaps more suitable for aliens visiting from out of space - a sort of Esperanto that, I seem to remember, did not catch on. It is empty of any meaning whatsoever! I marvel at how my grandchildren are
learning to read, step by step. It is good for brain